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Theoretical Research Strategy: Seven Step Approach - Introduction

Academic norms

Scholarly work is inter-subjective: every scholar draws upon the work of other members of the community in terms of theories and problem awareness, and also contributes to the community by offering new insights.
Scholarly work is self-critical. Self-criticism is important for rendering valuable contributions to the academic community. The scholar has to take responsibility for his or her own work.
Scholarly work is argumentative: it recognizes that personal bias is in the way of every scholar’s attempts to explain the world, and therefore tries to convince the readers, by awareness-building, consistent argumentation, and critical questioning.
Scholarly work is precise: it checks the matter debated critically, it questions various possible conclusions or claims made, in order to back-up one's theses more safely, explaining them clearly.
Scholarly work is explicit: The scholar has to explicitly define his or her concepts which are subjectively relevant, and clearly explain the line of argumentation so that others can understand what s/he is saying.

A Seven-step Approach for Theoretical Research

Research question formulation
 Literature review
Concept reflection and identification
Theoretical conjecture formulation
Discourse with peers and other knowledgeable individuals
Theoretical conjecture refinement and acceptance
Discussion on the impact of theory


Research Skills in the Liberal Arts Paradigm

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